January to August 2016



Nakashin workers on strike (photo from Davao Today)

Mid-year monitoring highlights killings, workplace deaths, long-term contractualization

At least forty cases of human rights violations against workers and urban poor were documented by the Center of Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR) in the final 6 months of President Benigno Aquino III in office (January-June 2016). Extra-judicial killings, workplace accidents and long-term contractualization are among the glaring cases of worker’s rights violation... Read more...   features-header  

NXP electronic workers during their protest in 2014 against union busting (photo from Bulatlat.com)

Of Giants and Chains: Workers Woes in the Philippine Electronics Industry

Samsung, Asus, Mac, Lenovo. Toshiba, Apple- Iphones, Oppo Camera, laptops, hard drives and more.  Who will not recognize these brands and products? They are omnipresent in our world today, that often, many people and businesses have grown dependent on them. Indeed, the world economy has never been so dependent on electronics and ... Read more...    

Members of WISE3 in Camarin Residences 1

Wise Men and Women of Camarin:

An Urban Poor People’s Story of Displacement and Determination

“When we were still living near the Tullahan River, our family can still afford to have chicken in our meals. Now, we can no longer afford to eat chicken.” This is how Mimi Doringo describes their situation now, almost 2 years after they have been relocated in Camarin Residences I. Read more...   contributions-header  

"Justice" mural for Kentex workers in Valenzuela (from Tudla Productions)

Beyond the Walls

Reflections on our fieldwork on workers conditions in Valenzuela

by Dayana de Guzman and Tanya Mindo (interns from UP Manila) Walls. As soon as we had a glimpse of the place where we were about to conduct our research on labor conditions, the high walls of the city had caught our attention. The gates of the factories were closed and smoke filled the air. The walls seemed to represent an immediate irony - a barrier representing the differences between those found inside, and those who were not. Read more...  

MCC MSI workers oppose illegal dismissal and contractualization (photo from Pamantik)

Cutting the ropes of exploitation

Reflections on the factory occupation by MCC-MSI Workers

By Jessarie Mendez and Rica Joy Magro (interns from PUP Sta. Mesa) On May 5, 2016, workers of Manila Cordage Company and Manco Synthetic Incorporated (MCC-MSI), started their protest against the rope-producing company when workers found out that the management was secretly planning to replace them as they witnessed new faces who work at night shift as trainees. Hundreds joined the protest and “occupied” the production site. Read More...   View Past Issues of CTUHR Monitor Online