The detailed workers of Karnation Industries

The Plight and Fight of Karnation 20

In 2007, twenty workers of Karnation Industries were charged with serious illegal detention after launching a strike against unfair labor practices of the management. For almost three years, the 20 workers were imprisoned causing the death of two due severe respiratory complications.  In November 2010, the regional trial court granted the workers bail which gave the workers temporary freedom. To date, Karnation 20 are still struggling with their criminal case filed against them as they continue to seek justice and indemnification for their unjust imprisonment and the companies rampant violation of their labor rights. To know the history and updates on this campaign click the following articles: Justice Denied: the Plight of the Detained Workers of Karnation Industries. Karnation 20, Out of Jail. Last Three Detained Workers Finally Granted Bail. Court Denies Motion for Reconsideration to Revoke Bail Grant, Another Worker Released Temporarily Four Karnation Workers Still Detained. Pansy Put Pressure on Judge to Revoke Bail Grant. Karnation workers wins labor case. Management guilty of illegal dismissal. To continue supporting this campaign, you can send an Urgent Appeal to the authorities concerned.