Part of the Center’s activities is informing the public on the plight of the workers, and exposing the injustices that they suffer. It conducts media work for the purpose of airing to the public the side and grievances of workers. CTUHR Monitor This is the newsletter of the Center, which features the results of its documentation and research work, as well as news and features that focus on the condition and movement in the trade union. It also gives in-depth analyses on the political and economic landscape and stories on workers’ life and struggle. [Subscription is still free, but donation for postage is very much welcome] Exposure and Immersion Program To gather support and sympathy for the labourers, CTUHR hosts exposure programs for students, professionals, church people and concerned individuals who want to know about the situation of struggling workers and their families. it partners with schools, seminaries, and other organizations that has similar program of bringing people closer to the workers. The program offers exposure trips to factories, picketlines, and urban poor communities where workers reside and thorough immersion (living with the workers and their families). After the exposure or immersion in the labour sector, we encourage the exposurees to help us in our advocacy work. We join hands in conducting fora, photo exhibits, candle lighting, petition signing, among others. Other Information Activities The Center also organizes several information activities such as press conferences, photo exhibits and fora aimed at giving the public first hand accounts and perspectives on the current situation of workers.