Urgent Appeals

The Urgent Appeals Section is part of CTUHR's campaign and advocacy program that aims to inform and mobilize its networks towards responding to the urgent  concerns, and demands of workers groups, labor organizations and human rights groups. It ultimately aims to engage concerned authorities and individuals to take immediate action to the demands of the groups whose rights were violated. Take action! 06 February 2012 | Hundreds of oil palm workers decry unjust dismissal, call for regularization implementation of labor standards October 2012 | 26 workers dismissed, harassed after nixing management union 18 April 2012 | Labor leader and human rights defender faces false charges 21 March 2012 | Female resident of San Roque assaulted by members of NHA, Ayala security 12 January 2012 | More families left homeless after violent demolition in San Juan December 2010 | Falsely-charged workers may lose temporary freedom after bail increase