On the death of over 400 garments workers in Bangladesh

May 7, 2013

The Center for Trade Union and Human Rights mourns with the Bangladeshi people over the death of some 400 garments workers last April 24 in what was dubbed as the “worst disaster in the garments industry history” in Rana Plaza in Savar, Bangladesh.

We are deeply saddened by this ill-fate that befell our fellow workers—their lives and skills, they have devoted to producing quality clothing for global brands (Benetton, Children’s Place, Joe Fresh, JC Penney, and Primark) when they earn only enough, if not less, for their daily needs.

But beyond sorrow and grief, we are enraged by the utter disregard of the companies, particularly their managers, for workers’ safety which led to this tragic outcome. Had they stopped the production and prevented secured.onlinegambling2014.com the workers from entering the building the moment the five-story crack was found out, this whole misfortune would not have happened. On the contrary, and to our disbelief, the managers of these six garment factories were reported to have even threatened the workers of losing a month’s pay if the workers did not report back for work.

This tragedy is a concrete testament to how capital thrives only through extreme exploitation of workers. Capitalists in order to gain profit, have continuously sought cheap means of production at the expense of workers. At the same time, Governments of underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh are more than willing to offer cheap labor and to compromise workers’ rights, safety and freedoms only to invite more investors.

Together with the Bangladeshi workers, the victims of this tragedy and their families, we call for justice and indemnification. The companies and their managers must be held accountable for this disaster. Global brands (reportedly Walmart and Benetton) must also answer to the workers and their families despite their strong denial of involvement in this accident. We also urge the Government of Bangladesh to stand for the interest of its working people and render justice to the victims.

We are one with the Bangladeshi workers in our fight for rights, justice and emancipation. Our cause is just and possible. Let not this tragedy hamper our struggle instead strengthen our unity towards achieving a world where workers are free from exploitation and oppression.

Long live international solidarity!